Serenity Data - Your Backup Team

Your Backup Team

Your backup is too important to leave to chance.

$39 a month for complete peace of mind.

Serenity allows you to be sure that your critical files - company files, spreadsheets, invoices, etc... - are safe and recoverable in the event of a disaster.

When you sign on, you're assigned a personal Serenity Advisor who will learn your backup needs and be sure they are met. 

Serenity isn't just software, it's a team.

Serenity does it the right way.

Serenity Data is more than backup: we are peace of mind.

Founded on the small-town mindset of caring for our clients like we would our neighbors, Serenity employs the human element to ensure someone that is invested in your continuity is always taking care of your backups.

Here's how Serenity delivers:

You will be assigned a Serenity Advisor who personally handles all sales, support, and backup issues for you.
We check your backup every business day. If there's a problem, your Serenity Advisor will e-mail and call you to remedy the issue.
Our remote support service for any backup issue is always free and performed by your personal Serenity Advisor.
Our hybrid local + cloud backup strategy ensures security, redundancy, and rapid restoration.
We use AES 256-bit encryption on all backups, so your sensitive data is safe from prying eyes.
Your backup is a living, breathing piece of your business continuity plan. We make sure it stays healthy.

Let's talk about your backup.

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