Serenity Data - Your Backup Team

Technical Details

Minimum Requirements

  • Windows 7, 8, 10 / Windows Server 2008 or newer.
  • 5 Mbps Upload Speed (Internet)
  • 5 Mbps Download Speed (Internet)

Technical Specifications

  • Each client is assigned a Serenity Advisor for support and monitoring
  • Hybrid local + cloud backup performed daily or continuously
  • All communication to server encrypted using 128-bit HTTPS tunnels
  • All backed up files are 256-bit AES encrypted
  • 200 GB cloud capacity (upgradeable)
  • 500 GB external HDD included for local backup
  • 30 day retention of backed up files
    • 3 versions of each file available within retention window
  • Backs up 1 workstation or server
  • Can be configured to back up directories or files accessible over the network
  • Updated & maintained automatically
  • All remote support for backup issues included at no extra charge
  • Assistance with restoration of files included at no extra charge

Monitoring Policy

Your Serenity Advisor will observe the progress and status of your backup process on every business day each week. These initial checks include:

  • Verify last good backup was within the last 3 days
  • Check for critical problems and backup failures
  • Check for software issues
  • Check for connectivity issues
  • Some issues can be corrected via our dashboard without the need to contact you, these issues will be corrected by your Serenity Advisor
  • Issues that will not self-correct, issues that continue to occur, or if your last good backup was more than three days prior to the day of checks will result in an e-mail and a phone call from your Serenity Advisor
    • Serenity Advisors are trained to make contact every day while an issue is present until they have either:
      • Remoted into the client workstation or server and corrected the issue
      • OR received information from the client that indicates the issue is due to a known environmental or other factor that is not reparable by the Serenity Advisor, at which point the account will be flagged and your Serenity Advisor will await notice that this factor has been eliminated and backups should resume
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